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“For me, being a psychiatrist is the most rewarding profession imaginable. We experience life through other people’s eyes. We travel through thousands of worlds and participate in thousands of journeys — all the heartache, passion, and wit — without having to get up from the chair. It’s an honor to be part of that.”

– Dr. Kim Rosenthal, Psychiatrist

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An empirical 6-month study offered humorous renderings to 12 patients, providing them with a mirthful place for shared laughter in controlled doses…*

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About The Author

Dr. Kim Rosenthal was eleven when Optimists International chose her to represent their organization. It was a minor thing, a medal, and all she knew was it had something to do with being nice to people.  But that’s when it all started.  The personal mantra stuck with her:

Believe in yourself
Believe in others
Seek out the beauty in those around you.
For if it doesn’t start with you, then who?

When not beating people over the head with optimism, Dr. Rosenthal works as a psychiatrist in North Carolina.

About The Site

Welcome to Psychiatry, Inspiration, and Humor, a world where roses follow you around until you compliment them and everyone’s jokes are funny.

Here psychiatry takes on mental illness.  It helps people overcome addiction.  It brings peace to suffering.  But psychiatry also stands for potential, resilience, and strength.  In today’s psychiatry, you’re the author of your own narrative, and there are a thousand possible outcomes: the ending isn’t decided, not yet. There’s still time. There’s always more time.

Here’s the trick: your story must be written.  If you don’t grab that pen and direct its course, it’ll write itself for you.  By way of information, blog, a chuckle, Jungian psychiatry, and pens we can send out by mail (if absolutely necessary), this website invites the visitor to explore their life course and write the next chapter in their story.  Or that’s coming soon, anyway!

Who are you now?  What do you do with the rest of your life?  Whether you’ve got two weeks or a hundred years, where do you want to go? 

Stay tuned.



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* Information from Marc Gelkopf’s article, “The Use of Humor in Serious Mental Health: a Review.” Evidence-Based Complementary Alternative Medicine, Jan 3 2011  

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